About me

I am Dikshant Pandey, an AI developer from Nepal, specializing in creating intelligent AI solutions. My work is driven by a passion for exploring the vast potential of artificial intelligence and its applications.

Alongside my focus on AI, I am also skilled in Python and Django, which I use for web development. My expertise in these programming languages enables me to build robust and efficient web applications, complementing my AI development skills. My goal is to keep expanding my knowledge and skills to contribute innovative solutions to the tech industry.

What i'm doing

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    Web design

    My approach to web design focuses on crafting bespoke, visually compelling websites that prioritize user experience. I specialize in creating intuitive layouts that adapt to various devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging user journey.

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    Web development

    As a web developer, I bring innovative and tailored solutions to life, using the latest web technologies. My expertise includes building responsive, secure, and scalable websites, from dynamic blogs to complex e-commerce platforms.

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    Mobile apps

    I specialize in designing and developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. My focus is on crafting apps with engaging interfaces and smooth functionality, tailored to meet specific user needs and preferences.

  • ai

    Artificial Intelligence

    In the realm of artificial intelligence, my expertise lies in developing intelligent systems using machine learning and data analytics. I focus on creating AI solutions that are innovative, efficient, and capable of solving complex problems.


  • Daniel lewis

    Rozeen Shrestha

    Don't let his age fool you, he is way better than other "professionals" I have worked with. He is fast, smart,creative and polite and one of the best people I have worked with so far.




  1. Deerwalk Sifal School

    July 2023 - Present

    Upper High School (Grade 11 to 12)

  2. Valley View School

    April 2018 - April 2023

    Lower High School (Grade 7 to 10)

  3. Janapremi World School

    April 2017 - March 2018

    Middle School to Lower High School (Grade 5 to 6)

  4. Valmiki Shiksha Sadan

    April 2011 — April 2017

    Elementary to Middle School (Upto Grade 4)


  1. AI Developer - Cornor Tech

    2023 — Present

    I lead the AI development team at Cornor Tech, focusing on creating eBidhyalaya, a pioneering AI-based learning platform for Nepalese school students. My primary role involves implementing AI solutions to enhance the educational experience.

  2. Epicentre Hosting - Founder

    2023 - Present

    I founded Epicentre Hosting to provide affordable hosting services in Nepal, with a special focus on game servers. Under my leadership, Epicentre Hosting was a top 13 finalist in the ICT Award 2023, the biggest tech award in Nepal, in the category of Rising Star Innovation.

  3. Programming Hub Tech - Founder

    2020 - 2022

    I worked as the founder of Programming Hub Tech, and for two years, I led several web development projects with a team of three people working under my leadership.

Licenses & certifications

  1. AI Developer

    Issued on: October 2023 Credential ID: B17333 Issued By: Broadway Infosys Show Credential
  2. Technical Support Fundamentals

    Issued on: December 2022 Issued By: Google Show Credential
  3. Python and Django

    Issued on: January 2022 Credential ID: B11721 Issued By: Broadway Infosys Show Credential

Honors & awards

  1. Top 13 Finalist of Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2023

    September 2023
  2. Winner of Jury Mentioned ICT Award 2022

    December 2022
  3. Top 12 Finalist of Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2022

    September 2022

My skills

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Web Development
  • Web Desiginng
  • Mobile App Development


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